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According to Hong Kong Population Projections released by the Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong's population aged 60 or above account for 23.6% in 2017 with an average life expectancy of 85. The ageing trend in the population continued. How to take care of the elderly who had contributed to the community?


What is the potential role of aromatherapy in the elder healthcare?


In 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that between 65% and 80% of the world's population relied on alternative medicine as their primary health care source. Clinical aromatherapy has been widely used as a complementary therapy in the UK in the care of elderly with chronic pain and other common symptoms such as insomnia, cognitive impairment, constipation and pressure ulcers because of poor circulation and lack of movement.

The elderly because of poor physical health and an inability to take care of themselves is more prone to depression, which is a major factor contributing to the development of suicidal thoughts among elderly.



Aromatherapy with the use of music, aroma and massage help to relieve anxiety and provide physical and psychological support



Our Services

Healing through touch and aroma care services provide elderly and those who are suffering from incurable illnesses with the choice and hope to live with a better quality of life, including

  • music of the plant as background to connect with the nature for a comfortable environment
  • use of specific aroma for each individual to trigger personal good memories
  • nurturing touch and massage for reassurance and support
  • option of easy pick up aromatherapy training to caregiver to continue the long term care at home

We also provide services to "Young old" who not only want to live longer but healthier.



Our Professional Team

  • Qualified aromatherapists (members of  IFA and IFPA, International Federation of Aromatherapists in the UK)
  • Practicing aromatherapists with experiences in using aromatherapy in elderly with dementia and in palliative center for cancer patients


Types of Service