Music of the Plant

An instrument that gives voice to plant perception


Since the 1970s, Damanhur—a resilient Federation of Communities ( has researched communication with the plant world and created an instrument that are able to capture the electromagnetic variations of the surface of plant leaves to the root system and translated them into sound.

The electrical resistance of the plant can change according to various internal and external factors such as the health of the plant, the amount of water in the plant and the soil. Some scientists believe the plants interact with other living things, including humans using electromagnetic signals.


The new model of the Music of the Plants device, BAMBOO is designed for more portable and accessible use and performance, used in complete autonomy in every place where a plant lives.


Experience the health benefits of listening to plant music

Science shows us that being around plants and trees, both indoors and outdoors, significantly improves our physical, mental and emotional well being.

Health practitioners are actively researching the effects of the Music of the Plants in numerous settings—including home, hospitals and the workplace—to better understand how plant music shortens recovery time and aids in overall healing.

Having your favorite plants create soothing music at home is an unforgettable experience that leads to an ever-deepening sense of connection and awareness of the intelligence of the natural.

Listening to and feeling the peaceful vibrations of your plants had been found helpful for those who have trouble sleeping at night or need to unwind from the stress of the work day.



You must experience this memorable encounter with nature for yourself

Hear the plant world express itself with Music of the Plants


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