About Us

Our founder who had established JGO Holistic Aromatherapy and Health School in 2002 had engaged in the professional aromatherapy training since then and successfully trained close to a thousand of internationally qualified aromatherapists (IFA and IFPA).

Until 2017 she handed over her training business to her student and moved forward with her professional expertise in aromatherapy to serve the public in need of complimentary therapy.

On 26th March 2018, 296 IFA Aromatherapists carried out 15-minute aromatherapy hand massage at the same time for 296 elders to set a new record of the World Guinness in Hong Kong Shatin Heung Yee Kuk Building

Along with the extended life expectancy, the aging population continues to grow. However prolonged life does not equate to extension of health. Increasing healthcare expenditures are spent on elderly with chronic diseases and dementia.

Aromatherapy has been used as complimentary therapy in effectively relieving pain and emotional problems. In order to provide services for those in need and to gain more awareness and recognition in the profession of aromatherapy, home visit of healing through touch and aroma service is introduced to the elderly, people with chronic or incurable diseases and their caregivers.

For achieving the best result of the service, we use top quality aromatherapy products imported from the UK together with the music of the plant device (to experience the energetic benefits of the plant music). We also provide clients with the choice of purchasing the World #1 Brand massage table from USA to experience a real comfortable massage.




Our Mission

We act with care and compassion for the elderly and those who are suffering from chronic or incurable illness
Through Aroma Touch
To provide them with the choice and hope to live with a better quality of life